Why is Kiwi Fruit Good For Health?

A fruit with a light brown peel enclosing a sweet and tart green flesh speckled with the black seeds. Its popularity has long been unknown or limited to certain people. Now, as a result of globalization and digitalization, its health benefits are revealed and researched. The fruit is insanely rich in Vit. C, K, E, folate, and potassium. They are produced mainly in California, and New Zealand and hence remains available round the year.

Keeps a Check on your vision loss

Consuming only three Kiwis/per day can help keep your vision unaffected by Macular Degeneration. This is an incurable disease wherein fat residues get deposited at the centre back of the retina. This causes a loss of eyesight.

The high levels of nutrients; Zeaxanthin and Lutein, contribute to this vision-saving ability of kiwis.

Eliminates the risk of Blood Clotting

Although Blood clotting is beneficial and essential for the body with an injury, its unnecessary formation inside veins can be quite deadly. The reasons include obesity and ageing.

2-3 kiwis can keep this problem fixed along with managing their blood pressure. They reduce the fat amount in the Blood and improve heart health.

Normalizes high blood pressure

Kiwis enriched with bioactive substances help lower their High Blood pressure. Three Kiwis/day is as beneficial as one apple/day. Alongside, it also boosts immunity and is taken during fever. Due to its property to bring high blood pressure to normal, it also rules out the possibility of strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and heart attacks.

Reduces the DNA Damage

Oxidative Stress is the significant factor leading to DNA Damage. This causes colon cancer.


Breathing in oxygen creates highly reactive molecules i.e. free radicals. When these free radicals react with other molecules, genes, and proteins in the body, it damages them. A low no. of detoxifying antioxidants in the body gives rise to an oxidative stress condition. This results in illness and numerous other diseases including cancer.

Regular consumption of Kiwis reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases by reinforcing the body with its antioxidants.

Immune System

Packed with Vit. C, Kiwi boosts immunity by healing wounds quickly and fighting infections. A cup of Kiwis provides a huge per cent of the required Vit. C value. Due to this property, you can experience fewer instances of cold and flu illnesses. It is beneficial, especially for aged and younger people.

Promotes Efficient Digestion

Kiwis have a proteolytic (protein breaking/degrading) enzyme actinidin. It helps in the healthy digestion of protein-rich food. This results in the effective assimilation of food by the body for its growth and development.

On the other hand, being rich in fibre quantity keeps the whole digestive system healthy. It rules out the chances of indigestion and heartburn. This eventually kicks out constipation-like problems.

Relieves Asthmatic condition

It is found in scientific research, that Vit C and antioxidants keep the lung function normally. Regular consumption of Kiwis can help treat people with asthma. In children, it puts an end to the wheezing problem.



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