Top 8 Travel Hacks

There is nothing in the world better than traveling. It feels good to go discover new places and meet new people. Being in a different place that is not your own means going out of your comfort zone and living a different experience every time. This can also be sometimes annoying. However, here you can find some travel hacks that can help you facilitate your travel:

1. Have a backup plan

While traveling, you never know what you might lose a very important document; your passport for example. For this reason, make sure to print and put all your official documents (such as passport, ID card, and itinerary) on a USB. Make sure to email them to yourself, you never know what might happen, just in case of loss or theft.

2. Save your bag

One of the tricks that prove to be working all the time is marking your bag as fragile. This way, you will assure ensure that your bag will be handled with care. Moreover, it gets released first, when you are leaving.

3. Bring a bottle of water with you

Especially when you are flying. Airline companies might have different policies, and they might even charge you for water. Use the water you are bringing along with you as a backup plan.

4. Have a pen handy

This can save you a huge sum of time. When passing the customs, you will most of the time have to fill out a form, and other flight attendees never have one with them. The time you will be spent waiting in the queue can be used to fill out the customs forms.

5. Have your money right

Never leave exchanging currencies until you arrive. The value of a currency in its local country is always more than that in a foreign country. In case you were tight on time, never exchange your money at the airport, as the exchange rates are always higher than usual. You can also use ATM, and you can make sure that you exchange money based on the international system.

6. Contact your Bank

If you tell your bank agent that you are travelling abroad, they will surely advise you to make your credit or debit card valid internationally. In case your cash is spent or stolen, this can be a good backup as well.

7. Learn to unpack

Once you arrive, do not unpack everything at once. This will only make it harder to pack again. Additionally, you can forget some items when you are about to leave. What I do is take only the necessities from my bag, and get anything else that I want when I have to.

8. List your souvenirs beforehand

Having an already made souvenir list is a big time saver. It also saves you money, because people buy souvenirs and “find people to give them to”.

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