Top 5 Health Risks Of Mobile Phone Addiction

Mobile phones are almost ubiquitous objects that can be found almost anywhere. If you check the number of mobile phone users within your community, you will get a grasp of this statement. While mobile phones are great for socializing and business transactions, they pose health risks to the user in several ways. Many are addicted to their phones that they really can’t imagine a life without their hand-held devices.

Truth be told, smartphones are great. But, they pose health risks to individuals who can’t master the art of using a productive device. What are these risks? Having knowledge of them could help you balance the way you use your device. Read some of them below and make changes where possible.

1. Anxiety and Stress

This is called nomophobia. One research says phone addicts tend to feel stressed and lonely and give other signs of anxiety when they are not with their phones. They feel they have been missing out on something huge, something special which is the beginning of anxiety, restlessness and in severe cases, depression.

2. Eye Strain and Neck Pain

Your eyes and your back are at risk from the hours you spend with your phone. When you stare for too long into mobile phones, you are damaging your eyes due to too excessive exposure to light. This can cause headaches, blurry vision, and general tiredness. Blink your eyes more when you are with your phone. Or simply, put the phone down.

3. Germs Harbour

Don’t be surprised. Your phone is a probable germ store, enough to make you fall sick. According to another research carried out by the University of Arizona, one phone on average has 10 times more bacteria than your bathroom. This means you are at the risk of being infected by germs and falling ill. To avoid such, handle your phone with care. Pick and use your phones while your hands are clean.

4. Delay in Sleep and Sleep Disorder

Phone addicts are running the risk of sleep disorders. Too much exposure to shining light from a phone screen reduces the quality of sleep. Perhaps, there is one more message you want to send before you go to sleep – just one. But time ticks and ticks, and you couldn’t stop. Eventually, you dozed off and slept, but it’s late. Quality sleep is important to your health. It calms and helps the brain; energizes you; builds your cells, and more.

5. Distraction and Increase in the Rate of Accident

Phone addiction is a source of distraction. Activities that require maximum focus, just like driving, will be neglected which is a bad thing. Why do you think the government placed an embargo on pressing mobile phones while driving? The act isn’t just risky; it is also fatal. The subject isn’t the only one at risk; other road users could be greatly affected as well.


Now that you know what phone addiction can cause, we hope you affect changes that could enhance the quality of your life. Endeavour to reduce the time you spend with your device. It is never harmful to do so. Chatting or scrolling gossip blogs for too long adds nothing, but subtracts plenty. Remember: your health is more important than your phone.



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