Signs You Need to Update Your Security System

As a member of modern society, you are probably fully aware that crooks are continually developing their techniques and are finding new ways to detour and beat security systems, making it necessary to always be equipped with an automated home security system that thinks ahead of the crowd.

Having a high-quality home security system is essential for having a secure home. And, updating your home security system not only means a safer life, but also a better functioning system.

That being said, it also can be very hard to know if your security system is outdated. You may not recognize when it needs an upgrade. How can you weigh the pros and cons of upgrading to a better one?

To help answer all your questions, here are five signs you should look out for to help you recognize that it’s time to update your security system, and ensure your home is safe from the more sophisticated burglars.

1. Your system doesn’t capture everything

If your home security unit is still utilizing analogue security cameras, then you certainly need an upgrade. Or, if your camera setup is unable to capture clear images of those on your premises, then you need an upgrade.

After all, if it isn’t providing identifiable images, then it is worthless. If it is unable to protect your home, your belongings, and your family or housemates, then it needs to be upgraded.

In today’s day and age, you can purchase cameras that can capture the opposite of fuzzy, low-resolution security camera footage. In fact, due to advancements in camera technology, these high-quality, high-resolution cameras are more affordable than ever and enable you to catch footage at a portion of the cost and storage space.

2. You have a hardwired system

There are a variety of reasons why a hardwired system is a negative form of the security system. For a start, they have challenging-to-update panels, and they are also simple to infiltrate as their principal line of communication with the response centre generally goes through a hardwired telephone line, which can be quickly cut.

On the other hand, a wireless security system is considerably more reliable as it has continuous connectivity and is far more difficult to incapacitate.

3. Your system doesn’t feature remote control access

One of the major benefits of the increase in home security technology is that you don’t have to always be at home to manage your security system. This is important because burglary is a violation of opportunity, and it’s obvious to conclude when a house is unoccupied.

In other words, you want a home security system that doesn’t need you to be at home to hear the alarm. Smart home remote controls are the future.

Instead, upgrade your home alarm system to one that has a home remote control enabling you to observe your home from wherever you are. This will bring you peace of mind and can support specific situations, such as watching a vacation property or elderly relatives.

Many of these technologies also allow you to watch live camera feeds, lock your doors, and switch lights on and off. By doing all these things, and having the power to control them from your phone, you will feel assured that your home’s security is an obstacle for potential criminals.

4. Your system doesn’t have regular updates

As with all technologies, it is essential that the technology you use can be updated — system updates are a crucial aspect of technology. By installing a new wireless home security system, you can be assured that the system will be refreshed many times per year, at any time of day.

Flexible updates ensure that all of your home control devices in your system are operating together to preserve and defend your home and family.

For safety reasons, you want your family to be living with the most up-to-date security system possible.

5. It doesn’t produce a digital zoom

While it might not seem so necessary at first, the fact that a digital zoom can help you to obtain greater details of distant objects makes for a better home security solution. When using digital zoom, you can decrease the amount of information you are studying as there is restricted data in the image.

So, if your home security system is unable to provide for this, then it is time to look for another option. Refreshing your digital home security camera to the standard optical ones will mean you will never overlook a minute feature in the security footage.

Have you updated your home security system recently? If so, how has it changed the feeling of safety in your home? If not, what is stopping you? Why aren’t you upgrading to effective home security products?

Let us know in the comments below so we can discuss it!


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