Latest Travel Gadgets for Youngsters

We have all had to travel at one point or another to near and even far places with children. These youngsters are so much fun to have around until they start acting all naughty and stubborn on you It gets worse if you are traveling and have no idea how to handle them but thanks to new technology and innovations, here are a few tips on the latest gadgets that will ease the burden on you;

MP3 Player

They say music is a powerful tool and children do love music. Well, the iPod touch just redefined the whole concept with its new interactive features. First, it is able to shoot HD videos which is a good way to keep children busy by having them record interesting happenings while you travel. The iPod touch is also small and easy to hold hence convenient for children. One can also play games, watch movies and listen to music and podcast. If Wi-Fi is available then your child can also use iMessage and text with friends for free if they also use IOS devices for free. Your child will also be able to video chat with friends through FaceTime and hence not feel like he or she is missing out on a lot of stuff back home. How cool is that?


In this century, the world has gone all high tech. With the Apple iPad, babysitting just got easy. There are kid-oriented apps and eBooks created for IOS as compared to other android gadgets. While traveling, your child will be too busy engaging with the apps on their iPad to even remember mummy is around. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus are cheaper options compared to the Apple iPad and the apps can still be downloaded from the internet.

Special Activity Books

Every experience, especially traveling, should serve as a learning experience for youngsters. Special activity books are a new concept that enables these youngsters to record events as they see them. The child can take photos of the new place and post them in the book while giving details about the place. They can also write stories about the new place and even any questions they may have these special activity books can be found at sources such as Usborne Children’s Books where they are bought online or even improvised. Just get yourself one the next time you’re traveling and look forward to a stress-free journey.

Trace & Draw iPad Accessories

The updated version of Crayola iMarker and Trace & Draw accessories for the Apple iPad is just breath-taking. The various compatible Crayola apps that come along with the accessories enable it to empower youngsters who are artists. It enables them to bend in traditional colouring activities and the children are able to do that without getting messy as compared to using normal crayons. Don’t forget it gives your child a chance to explore something new and you’re off the hook for a while during your journey. Also, you may just discover you have a potential artist for a son or daughter.

Travel Bed

The travel bed is one thoughtful innovation that will definitely save you heartache, especially for those with small babies. The travel bed provides UV protection from the sun so it is great for the beach. You may imagine it is heavy but it is actually light and it even has anchoring straps. It is easy to fold and fits in carry-on luggage hence very convenient for traveling. If your child gets stubborn when they feel sleepy, all you will need is to get the travel bed.



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