Intercoms for Motorcycles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Intercoms for Motorcycles: Advantages and Disadvantages


As you may know, there are two main types of intercom, each with its own characteristics. 

Let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

If you prefer a wired model, the first advantage is that it is a fairly cheap intercom, therefore within everyone’s reach. The disadvantages of these models have to do with the lack of comfort of use, due to the presence of wires that somehow “bind” the rider to the passenger, and which must be disconnected from the control unit when a stop is made and you have to get off the bike.

Although in some models there is the possibility of connecting this type of motorcycle intercom to an audio source, to listen to your favorite music. Usually the wired model has only the main function of allowing the connection between rider and passenger, up to a distance limited by the length of the wire. However, it must be said that the models of this type, from the point of view of power supply, are those that guarantee the best autonomy, since the control unit can be connected to the motorcycle battery, and therefore will always be charged.

The Bluetooth model, for the most demanding users, is certainly the best type of intercom for motorcycles. It has the advantage of working without wires, therefore it allows maximum comfort to the rider and the passenger, who do not have to worry about taking them off when getting off the bike. This type allows you to listen to music from your player or smartphone, or the radio, so they are perfect for being updated on traffic and the conditions of the road ahead. This model can be connected to the navigator and also allows connection while traveling with friends who ride other bikes.

The disadvantages of the Bluetooth model relate to the price, although, as we have seen, it is not necessary to spend tons of money to buy them. In fact, these models do not recharge with the motorcycle battery and can run out in a short time, if used with all the active functions.

More technological models often feature software that can be updated. The manufacturers release updates through their website, these can be downloaded by connecting the product to your computer via a mini USB cable.


So, Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Intercom?

If you own a motorcycle, and you have a passion for travel, perhaps you share it with friends, then it is very likely that an intercom for the motorcycle is the next purchase to consider before packing up and leaving. 

On the Internet there are intercoms for motorcycles and offers for all budgets, and once you start using an intercom, you won’t be able to do without it. If you have made a trip even for a few hours on a motorcycle, you probably know what communication difficulties there are between passenger and rider, especially on the highway, where the sound of the voice is covered by high speed, wind, noise from other vehicles.

Furthermore, wearing a full-face helmet, it becomes really difficult to interpret what our travel companion tells us. Certainly, the intercom does not only satisfy simple conversation needs, but it can be very useful for exchanging information useful for the journey, between passenger and rider, such as those on the routes to follow, on the stops to be made, something urgent happened, etc.

If, on the other hand, you are traveling in a group, maintaining communication with your travel companions will be essential, so as not to get lost, to arrange stops, to make appointments, or to report any problems. Waving to indicate to motorcyclists traveling with us to turn to the next motorway stop to get petrol is certainly less effective and more dangerous than communicating it simply by speaking into the microphone of an intercom.

Products that have extra functions, such as being able to be connected to the navigator, are a useful help for planning routes and optimizing travel and stop times. Those that allow you to listen to the radio are useful both for entertaining driver and passenger, and for obtaining service information on traffic trends, from radio stations specifically responsible for this type of update.

The intercom for the motorcycle is a product designed specifically for centaurs, that is the category of people who love to ride a motorcycle, not only to move for short distances, but above all to make long trips, alone or in the company of friends, who they share a passion for two wheels. Thanks to this object, it will be possible to receive calls in complete safety, without having to do stunts with your mobile phone, but also to listen to the radio or your favorite music by connecting it to an MP3 player, it will also be possible to use the GPS navigator, talk to the passenger sitting behind us on the mud, without having to scream to be heard under the helmet.

Just like a classic wireless intercom, of those that are used in very large houses, and that allow you to talk from one room to another through an internal circuit, the motorcycle intercom has this basic function that allows you to communicate with the passenger. behind us, while we ride the bike safely, without having to turn or scream. But to this function, as we have mentioned, it adds many others, all equally useful for today’s motorcyclists.

Many models that take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity also allow you to establish communications with other centaurs, whose devices have been paired with your own. In this way you will be able to talk with your travel companions, without the need to gesticulate or having to stop on a lay-by.


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