Important Tips for Healthy Eyes

This article gives ten natural eye care tips that no one gonna tell you and are guaranteed to keep your eyes beautiful and in perfect health. So, how do you keep your eyes healthy?

Although to some it doesn’t sound necessary, taking care of your eyes is as important as maintaining a healthy waistline and skin care. In fact, if you don’t pay the required attention to your eyes, you are at a higher risk of developing black circles, eye wrinkles and even losing your sight early.

1. Blink More Often

Blinking helps to moisten the eye keeping it lubricated. Lubrication helps to prevent dry eye symptoms hence ensuring the health of your eye. Although some associate blinking more often with low confidence, blinking frequently is one of the natural practices you may adopt to improve your eye health. Furthermore, when you blink, you wipe off the fine dust particles that accommodate on the eye surface. Dirt is one of the culprits behind eye infections!

2. Use Rose Water

Due to the increase in pollution, eye irritation is becoming popular nowadays. One of the best ways of dealing with irritating ways is dropping a drop or two of rose water before surrendering to bed. Also, if you have stubborn eye circles, you may rely on rose water to restore the natural glow you have desired. Rose water also contains anti-ageing properties that help prevent eye wrinkles and other ageing signs when applied frequently.

3. Proper and balanced Diet

The food you take and the overall lifestyle can define your health. Just like any other body organ, the eyes require a supply of essential nutrients to stay healthy. Nutrients such as zinc, lutein, Vitamin A. C and E, omega 3 fatty acids, and lutein are known to have a long list of health benefits to the eye including preventing age-related vision problems. Therefore, incorporating vegetables such as kales, spinach, and collards into your menu is a good way to go. Carrots are also great since they are rich in beta carotene, a nutrient that is used by the body to make Vitamin A. This vitamin fights night blindness and age-related decline in eye health. Fruits such as oranges, papaya, and mangoes also boost eye health. For the omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish, eggs, and milk are rich sources.    Beauty Eye Of The Beholder

4. Use Castor Oil

Using castor oil for the eyes delivers a plethora of health benefits that we can’t afford to overlook. For example, if you have dry eyes, this oil provides lubrication that keeps them moist. Besides, using castor oil for the eyes helps reduce eye swelling, treat eye allergies, and ease bloodshot since the oil contains ricinoleic acid which possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Have dark circles that you can’t even cover with makeup? You have not left out castor oil as a potent ingredient that will restore your beauty; simply mix it with the same quantity of coconut oil, apply the mixture to the dark circles and leave it overnight. For the desired results do the same procedure until you get it. For those that want darker eyelashes and brows, applying a thin coat of a mixture of castor oil and glycerin overnight for days is also guaranteed to restore your beauty.

5. Exercising gonna get you this

We all know exercise to be good for weight regulation and developing ripped muscles. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to prevent health issues such as diabetes. Diabetes comes with blurred vision which results in loss of sight. Exercising also helps to improve blood circulation. Now, blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen. Therefore, exercising guarantees an effective supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to the eye, keeping it well-nourished and healthy.

6. Drink at least 2-Liter Water in a day

We all must have heard of this, life is water or water is life, right? Well, this common phrase tries to bring out how essential water is to our wellbeing. Water plays many roles in the body including facilitating digestion, improving skin health, and more importantly flushing harmful waste and toxins out of the body. Now, the eye is surrounded by fluid that helps to wash away debris and keep the eye hydrated. Water plays the role of ensuring a proper balance of this fluid by keeping the body hydrated.

Makeup is great for achieving a charming face. However, before you sleep, leaving the makeup overnight can cause irritation, clog pores (leading to acne), and stick eyelashes together. Sleeping with makeup also attracts bacteria that can lead to eye infections. Surprisingly, A survey conducted by Daily Mail in 2013 found that a third of women slept with makeup at least twice a week. Frankly, sleeping with makeup a single day may not cause a significant impact on your eye health. Nevertheless, when it turns into a habit, it may negatively affect your face and eye health.

7. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is widely associated with the regulation of blood sugar and hypertension condition. Also, since it contains few calories, it’s a friendly meal for those intending to reduce their waistline. Now, apart from these, cucumber is known to be very good in maintaining a healthy eye. Just cut two slices of cucumber and place them over the eyes for up to 20 minutes. This practice will not only keep your eye hydrated but also prevent the occurrence of dark circles and eye wrinkles. But just in case you already have dark circles around your eyes, you can rely on this remedy to lighten them.

8. Always use Your Sunglasses

As Sunglasses are specially designed to elevate your style and provide an additional layer of protection to the eyes keeping them safe from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Ultraviolet rays affect not only your skin but also cause eye-related health issues such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, when going out especially on a sunny day, wearing sunglasses should be necessary. Furthermore, sunglasses also keep away dust from reaching the eyes.

Thus we can say that maintaining healthy eyes is all about taking the small issues that people take for granted with seriousness.

Therefore, if you need to keep your eyes beautiful, healthy, and looking younger, consider putting these tips into practice.


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