How To Take Proper Care Of Your Hamster

A healthy diet will make your Hamster healthy and a healthy Hamster is a happy Hamster. By taking care of some dos and don’ts you can enjoy the company of your cute little furry for a long time. Hamsters are active pets and their metabolism rate is also good. So make sure to give them a healthy diet. Do not overfeed them because it will make them fat and slow, but make sure to give the proper nutrition to them. Hamster foods are available in mostly all the pet shops, you can buy some commercial food for them and treat them to some fresh fruits so that they get all the required nutrition. Here’s a guide, which will help you in keeping a balanced diet for your Hamster.

Timing of the food

Your Hamster is an active pet which requires balanced food at the proper time. Make sure to give your Hamster a healthy diet at particular a time. Giving them fresh food in a clean dish will be healthy for them. Most the Hamsters like to eat in the morning and evening. Make sure to give them food before they sleep and after they get up.

Fruits to be given to your Hamster

There are many fruits which you should give to your little furry and there are some fruits which you should avoid. Here are some fruits which are good for its health. You can give a seedless apple to your Hamster and a banana piece will also be a nice fruit. Other fruits to be given include, grapes, blackberries and cranberries. You can remove the seeds of cherries and give them to your fur buddy. Lychee without seeds, small pieces of mango, melons without seeds and carrots will be great for your Hamster.

Essential Meat and high protein food for Hamsters

Make sure to give your little pet ample proteins and meat food. You can feed a Hamster with Cooked Ground Beef and cooked, baked or steamed fish, Chicken or Turkey. For proteins, you can give it a small piece of cottage cheese, tofu, and boiled eggs. A small piece of bread soaked in milk without sugar will also be a nice option. You can also get some commercial high protein food like Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crickets which are easily available in pet shops.

Food items which you should avoid

There are some food items which you should not give to your Hamster. This foodstuff can be harmful to the health of your Hamster so, do not feed your Hamster with, Lemon or Lime which are citric in nature, Jams and jellies because these are way too sweet for your Hamster. Also, make sure to keep the Hamster food free from spices and ingredients like Garlic and Onions. You should also avoid giving them Leeks and Chives. Another important food item you should keep away from a Hamster is Pickles. It is very dangerous for them. Other foodstuffs like Chocolates, Candies, junk food like chips etc. are also harmful to the health of a Hamster


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