How to Start Your Day With a Positive Mindset

How to Start Your Day With a Positive Mindset

Ahhh, mornings.

Start Your Day With a Positive Mindset

Do you get up from the bed as soon as your alarm goes off or do you click sleep, pull the curtains over your head and worry about the day ahead?

When we first take a look at our surroundings, we have the choice. We can either welcome an exciting new day full of opportunities with a positive note or begin the day feeling tired and bored.

I don’t know what you think, but I’d like to make every day as pleasant and productive that I am able to. When I start my day with the right positive attitude and positive thinking I tend to enjoy a more productive and wonderful day overall.

Although it’s not perfect, but it makes the difference in how I respond to things I cannot influence. Making sure that I am in a positive frame of mind immediately lets me bring positive feelings to everything I do during the day.

Consider a beginning your day with a fresh canvas. What you do to start your day determines the mood for the remainder of the day.

The morning routine is my sacrificial time to relax and get ready for the day, however, sometimes life interferes and nothing happens.

As my second plan is to do these small, conscious actions will help me to develop an optimistic mindset. They also help in boosting my mood. begin the day off with an optimistic mindset.

Here are some positive habits you can incorporate into your day to start your day positively. I’ve also put together an outline of the day to make it easier for you!


Beginning each day in a healthy outlook starts the night before. Some things you’re likely to want to accomplish before getting ready for go to bed:

  • Get up early
    • It’s a good idea to go to bed early, and then to rise. Awakening early when your body is well rested is a hundred times simpler than trying to get out of bed while you’re exhausted. If you wake up on time with a sense of energy, vigor, and refreshment you’ll have the time to complete tasks that put you in positive mood.
  • Get organized in your mind
    • Prioritizing your goals for the coming day the night prior is crucial to start a relaxed and positive day.
  • Make your space more organized
    • I’m a big believer the fact that clutter can be a nightmare in the head. Aiming to organize your space for at least 5 minutes at evening before can help you to create peace in your morning.
  • Put all the stuff out to be used the next day
    • You’re not able to be positive when you’re rushing around and stressed, aren’t you? Get your clothes ready take your bag to the store, make your lunch and set out everything you’ll require to eat breakfast.

positivity routine


Say “Thank You”

Before you leave your bed to begin the day,, take some deep breaths and reflect on the things you’re thankful for. What is it that makes you feel content?

A moment to pause and acknowledge all the goodness that you have in your life can aid in shifting your outlook towards a more positive perspective. It’s a great way to receive positive, grateful thoughts right when you awake and block the negative thinking patterns that may begin to reverberate through your mind.

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Do not answer the phone

Do you grab your phone the moment you get up?

If you’re constantly going through your notification list when you first wake up, you’re likely to accidentally put yourself in “catch-up mode”. Then, you’re desperate to catch up with what you missed from yesterday, and your morning inner peace and tranquility are ruined by your smartphone.

In addition the more time you spend in bed, scrolling through your phone and scrolling, the more time you’ll lose to start your day with a bang.

At weekends I discover that I’m completely guilty of this as it’s difficult to break the habit when I don’t have a strict timetable. When I finally pull myself up from my bed, I realize I’ve lost one hour of my time because I wanted to check my phone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t affect my mental state aside from making me feel unproductive and slow.

Be sure to look over the essential things (like texts and phone calls) when you need to, but keep your emails and social media to future time.

You can make your bed

As a kid, my mom would always be at me for the fact that I didn’t make my beds. I always thought she was a neat fanatic (sorry mommy) but it turns out there are some real advantages to it. Moms always have the right idea I swear to you.

According to Charles Duhigg writes in his book, The Power of Habit, “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.”

When the simple job to make your bed completed, the other tasks within your day appear are much easier to complete.

Although it may seem small, making your bed will lead to the success as well as happiness, productivity, and.

Visualize your day

If you are able to sense, feel as if something’s taking place and you’re breaking down the mental barriers which prevent you from having a great day.

Spend 5 minutes imagining your day exactly as you would like it to unfold. Imagine yourself arriving at work with just 15 minutes to leave. Relaxing in the kitchen, creating a hot cup coffee exactly how you want it and heading to your desk without any fuss. The list of things to do is done and all you need to do is clean out your inbox while sipping of your cup of coffee.

Imagine that you’ve completed that task you’ve always wanted to complete today. Imagine how you feel, and how you’ll feel when you’re done. Perhaps you’ll walk outside of the office or even take a break to read outside during lunch.

The benefits of visualization is that it can help to keep you focused positive, focused, and positive on your goals.

Visualizing can be a powerful tool that it keeps you focused, positive and focused on what you’d like to achieve.

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Repeat affirmations

Affirmations are a great positive way to help your brain be more positive the at the beginning of the day. As you affirm positive thoughts the more you’ll begin to believe in it.

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.” Robert Kiyosaki

It doesn’t matter if you’re aware whether you realize it or not, our brains are always speaking to our minds. What we talk about with ourselves can influence our attitudes and the way we think. Positive affirmations can help us become more attune to our thoughts and how we communicate with ourselves regularly.

Take a seat before an mirror and repeat three affirmations that you find resonant with. It’s beneficial to hang them in your home to serve as an inspiration.

Even if you don’t have the time to stand front of the mirror, consider to think, whisper or reading them. Select those that feel confident and happy. Speak them with passion and with the intention of what you really mean, it can increase their efficacy.

Some examples to get your journey:

  • I am content and happy with my life.
  • I am calm and patient and welcome the new day openly.
  • I am a powerful individual capable of achieving anything.

Since I believe that affirmations are essential to establishing positive mental attitudes I’ve included affirmation sheets in your positive morning checklist download! Place these on the mirror near you front entryway, on your planner or even on your computer’s screen.

*Do at least one activity that is nourishing for you

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to your favourite tunes or snuggling with your furry friend engaging in activities that nourish you during the day can increase your mood.

I am a huge fan of the use of the Google Home Mini to play my most-loved songs whenever I get up. I can practically say it will play my song of choice and then I don’t need to do anything to get pumped to start my day ahead.

Make the time in your daily schedule to engage in something which will fill your cup. Prepare yourself for a healthy breakfast, then sip your preferred tea, snuggle in with a good book, or exercise your body.

One thing could make a an enormous difference in your mood and attitude during the course of your day.

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Make sure you are in a good posture

I’ve heard this a thousand times before and I’ll say it over and over. The link between body and mind is strong. Studies have proven that standing straight has an enormous impact on our attitude and mental state.

The more straight and straight you are the more secure and strong you’ll feel. Also, since what we do before we get up set the stage for our day Make sure you check your posture before bathing, lying on your bed or laying down, walking your dog, or eating breakfast.

In addition to making you physically feel better to keep your shoulders back and your chin up, but it also makes a the world of difference to the way you feel. It is also a good thing to remember throughout your day.

Limit negativity

Be surrounded by positive energy you can. If your roommate is known to complain about you each morning you can try having breakfast earlier or later to prevent her from complaining (sorry roommate, we have to #ProtectTheEnergy) or just alter the topic.

If you’re one to check the news early in the morning Try switching to your preferred comedy. Also, if you watch it while driving to work, you can listen to music that is uplifting or a podcast of the subject that you are interested in.

The news tends to focus on everything wrong in the world. Tuning to it too often could cause negative effects on your.

The music you play, engage in, and even watch early in the morning can have a significant impact on the way you feel.

The best way to begin each day on a high note with an optimistic outlook is to allow yourself the space in your mornings for small tasks that invite positive thoughts, and block out the negative thoughts that are trying to get inside our heads.

Instead of beginning your day with a shaky head Instead, you’ll begin the day off with a calm and positive outlook that will help you prepare for a successful day.


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