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Warning of the dangers of toxins are pretty much ubiquitous in our lives – whether in blog posts or on social media, it has become hard to avoid the latest detox fad. The problem is that many of the solutions you encounter are based on junk science, often a miraculous juice cleanse. The danger is that some advice is not just a waste of time and effort, but it’s actually harming your health. Here are some tips that are easy to follow through, and they won’t leave you in a worse state than when you started out.

Eat bitter foods

Bitter food caters directly to your liver. The liver is an incredibly vital organ that has a pivotal function in your body’s detox process. It produces bile, which is used to reduce chemicals that enter your body through your food. If this organ isn’t working perfectly, it is highly likely that toxins may not be removed sufficiently. Bitter foods assist your liver, so it can complete its job.

Put away the salt

A saltshaker on the dining table makes it all too easy to consume excess salt, which can lead to high blood pressure. So put the shaker in a cabinet or pantry and bring it out only when you’re cooking.

It’s also a good idea to taste your food before you salt it. You may find it doesn’t need more.

Eat Whole Grains

A study conducted at Penn State asserted that obese adults who consumed whole grains lost more abdominal fat than those who ate refined grains. You should take advantage of any opportunity to lose abdominal fat because it is key for staying healthy. The more abdominal fat you have the more you are likely to develop dementia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Steer clear of conventional household cleaners

Cleaning products release dangerous chemicals. Make sure you always wear gloves when using them in your home to avoid skin contact. This is important to avoid chemicals entering your blood stream through your skin. In addition, you should also keep your windows open because the fumes that are released into the air will enter you lungs and from there they will also reach your blood stream and spread out in your entire body. To get started you should replace your conventional dish soap with a natural alternative to avoid toxic contamination of your dishes and indirectly poisoning your body through eating from dishes with chemical residue.

Ditch the chemical cocktail in your personal care products

Beauty products and cosmetics are packed with tons of questionable ingredients. If you switch to a natural brand then your body won’t be exposed to parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and other dangerous ingredients that could lead to cancer or that disrupt your hormones.

Take a Break and Breathe Deeply for 5 Minutes

Yeah, we’re all breathing, but are you breathing consciously? The benefits of focusing on what you do are huge. For example, deep breathing during exercise helps your lungs to inhale more oxygen and flush out excess carbon dioxide. But most importantly, it helps your mind to focus on eating better and helps your body to absorb more nutrient during your next meal.

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