How to get healthy looking skin

My top tip before I get to my top tips is that to have healthy-looking skin, you guessed it, you gotta be a little bit healthy. Now you don’t have to be a slave to the gym, you don’t have to monitor everything you eat but just know that a healthy diet can and plenty of physical activity are going to go a long way in giving you lots of energy and improving your outward appearance. That being said there are some other things you can do to bring out that healthy glow and here are my top four tips.

1. Don’t dry your face

Now, most people don’t know this, but as water evaporates off the surface of your skin it actually takes water from inside your skin. It’s a process called trans-epidermal water loss. Now, you don’t have to remember that, it’s just that it’s abbreviated TEWL and I really just like saying TEWL. Go ahead, try it. TEWL. Moving on. This tip is particularly important right after you cleanse. Because what you’ve done is you’ve just stripped off that layer of protective oil your skin works so hard to build and now your skin is more prone to water loss. I suggest just slightly patting your face dry, leaving it just a little bit dumped and then applying your moisturizer as soon as possible.

2. Exfoliate regularly and gently

Now when I say regular exfoliation, I don’t mean excessive. Once or twice a week with a mild exfoliant is all you need and I recommend it. Constant aggressive exfoliation actually gonna leave your skin more vulnerable and may speed up ageing which we don’t want. You can use a manual exfoliant, something with a texture that is going to buff off dead skin cells. Or you can use products that have ingredients like enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids. Like the natural alpha-hydroxy acids found in Face Smoothie, an all-natural face mask from Nabelé.

3. Less is more

You do not need to use 8 different products to have healthy-looking skin, in fact, I don’t recommend it. All I suggested was the basics. You can see what I mean right over here. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and SPF during the day that’s it. Maybe an additional treatment product in there but really no more. Consider this, the majority of the product you put on your skin doesn’t penetrate very far, it sits toward the surface. The ingredients that do penetrate deeper have to be metabolized by your skin before they can be of any good and your skin can only do so much. So at some point by adding more products you’re just kind of wasting it.

4. Pain is not gain

Unfortunately, a trend started in skin care a little while ago and now we’ve been sold on the idea that to know your skincare is working need to feel it working. Tingling. Burning. Stinging. No. No. No. Be kind to your skin. It doesn’t need to be whipped into shape, it needs to be appreciated with a little bit of TLC. And those are my top tips. You follow those, along with a healthy lifestyle, and I promise you you’ll have that healthy-looking glow in no time.


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