How Secure is Your Home Security Camera?

When you hear some strange noises outside your house during the night, your first reaction would be to see who is causing the disturbance but you will do this without opening your main door. This is where your security camera would come in handy. Yet, not many people are aware that security cameras are plagued by their own vulnerabilities.

This subject of vulnerability of security cameras has been getting much attention lately. Technology is making these security cameras smaller and more powerful by the day so that homeowners could check on whatever is happening around their property, from wherever they may be.

Are these security cameras wholly reliable?

There are various reasons why most security cameras would not be entirely reliable unless they have been installed by a professional service provider who deals in security equipment and who supplies genuine systems of security.

These are some reasons why security cameras that you buy on your own may not be dependable.

Security cameras can be vulnerable

Security cameras can be vulnerable if a security camera is not positioned properly, it would not serve its purpose. It should be positioned at such a place from where it cannot easily be unplugged. Proper installation of security cameras will make a big difference in the end. These cameras when installed by service professionals would be mounted on high walls and sometimes out of sight of people and burglars. When they are positioned in the right places, they will capture all critical range of activity. The vulnerability of a security camera is minimized when it has features that make it resistant to tampering. This is possible through battery power or in-wall kind of wiring. When they are placed outdoors, they also have to be ice and water-resistant. It has been reported that wireless cameras can murder the wireless internet connectivity. For example, if you turn on your wireless security cameras, your wireless internet connection will take a plunge from something like 100 Mbps to speeds of 4 Mbps.

Security cameras need to be monitored

If there is no monitoring service, it is difficult to guarantee the efficiency of a security camera system. For example, if there is a burglary that takes place at your house while you are not there, your camera that is on standalone basis will certainly capture all the footage and it may also alert you in real time; but it will be a waste if there is no one monitoring that situation. What if you are somewhere far away, visiting someone else or out of town. The security camera would not be serving much purpose. Security cameras have to be connected to security systems that are linked round the clock to a monitoring station. Therefore, in the case of a burglary, security professionals would be able to size up the situation and inform the nearest police authorities. The cameras would store the footage securely after capturing it and this can be done in the cloud.

A security camera is not self-aware

Security is not just the capturing of intrusions and burglaries. It is about the overall peace of mind. The only way your peace of mind is going to be solidified is when genuine security cameras are installed by professional service providers of home security systems. If there is an absence of an overseeing and monitoring authority, there could be several false alerts on the video in terms of not understanding the proper context. Hence, an alarm powered security camera system will have the proper access to the right context from the comprehensive security system. It will be fully cognizant of the arming status along with the status of the doors and windows. It will immediately sense and alert you if the smart lock is open and it will inform you about the person who opened it. This kind of alerting activity makes sense. Smart security systems have the intelligence to discern between an intrusion and your children getting home from their school.

It has to be noted that many security cameras and their accompanying software are not built with a computerized security in the planned scheme. The vendors would not be able to provide a clear understanding of penetration tests and code reviews. You need a management console that is authored with an encrypted connection. Ensure your home system is setup correctly – they are a beneficial asset to any alarm system.


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