High-Tech Home Security Gadgets

These modern times have made our lives overall more convenient. People generally have more time to do more important tasks and leave the rest to automation. The advent of the Internet of Things and smart homes means even the smallest task like switching on the lights or opening the front door is made even simpler and hassle-free.

But more than just convenience, such gadgets also offer a level of security only the large establishments enjoyed in the past. Homeowners now have access to security cameras to monitor their properties. And sensors have become sensitive enough to detect an increased level of moisture as in the case of flooding. Below expounds on these innovative home security gadgets and how they are making our lives easier.

1. Smart Locks

Deadbolts have served to protect homes for thousands of years but with the number of other options our modern world offers, it’s high time to upgrade. With home automation on the rise, smart locks are a great entry point into space. They add not only style but function to something as mundane as front doors. Some models can be programmed to be unlocked with a numeral keypad or one that works with voice assistants. Whatever your front door issue might be, there is likely a smart lock that has the solution.

Smart locks untangle you from having to fish for your keys ever again. The convenience of opening the front door with a passcode, fingerprint sensor, or through your voice assistant cannot be discounted. You can let in cleaning personnel with a one-time passcode. It also means never having to leave and losing track of which one has a spare key to your place.

2. Smart Lights

It’s not just TV and refrigerators that are going smart – the lighting industry is following along too. Without a doubt, smart lights are the easiest way to start your smart home upgrades. It can be as easy as popping the lights into the socket and downloading the app to control it. And compared to the traditional lighting methods, smart lighting gives you more control over your electricity consumption and usage. No longer will you have to remember if you turned the closet light on or off while you’re on your way to work. You can simply check using your phone and switch it off from there.

Besides the potential to save energy, smart bulbs afford users unprecedented convenience. There simply isn’t any need for you to stand to turn on the light in the room when your phone is nearby. This is great news for people with mobility issues. It’s also possible to have more variety in the lighting scene in the room with these smart bulbs installed. You can change the colours with more subtlety – from reading mode to a more subdued, perfect for watching movies.

3. Motorized Blinds

Blinds not only give us privacy but they also serve to decorate a room. They come in style, size, and material, with modern homes opting for the ones with a sleek design and durability. Traditionally, all that blinds do is open and close, and to some extent, that’s all they are ever used for. But modern innovations have imbued these simple window covers with features we never thought we would need.

For one thing, motorized blinds are safer for children and pets because of the absence of cords or wires. Pets can get entangled with the wires and cords pose a choking hazard to small children. Modern blinds also help your home become more energy efficient by being able to program when to have them open and close to maximize lighting efficiency.

4. Spy Camera

Security or spy cameras have been mainly used in the past to guard high-value assets such as in banks, corporate offices, and other enterprises. But in recent years and through advances in technology, their used cases have been broadened to include residential homes. Spy cameras are great at knowing what is happening in and around the home at all times, especially at times when you’re away. Other benefits of Spy Camera include:

  • Proof of crime. A lot of crimes that happen go unrecorded or go without trials because of a lack of proof. Security cameras offer a solution for that by recording and storing footage for eventual retrieval.
  • Increased protection. Installing a camera in your home signals to others that the property is being monitored, thus dissuading any would-be attackers or intruders.
  • Monitoring employees. In the business setting, managers and executives who are often pulled out of the office can use security cameras to see what their subordinates and employees are doing within the office space.
  • Check on elderly parents and children. Some models of security cameras can connect to the internet and stream live footage from there. With a smartphone, it’s easy to access home cameras to check up on elderly parents and children.

5. Water Sensors

Otherwise known as flood sensors, these are home security gadgets able to detect water in the event of a burst pipe or a faucet left open. These sensors can detect the presence of moisture and send out an alert when the moisture level is above the normal range. The alerts can take the form of a blaring noise or a notification to a programmed device. This makes it easy to avoid extensive water damage in case of flooding such as furniture and carpet replacement and mould.

Even a small amount of water damage can amount to thousands of dollars in replacement and repair which is why many home insurance companies are requiring homes to be equipped with water sensors. The sensors can be integrated into the home monitoring system. These devices are perfect for monitoring a vacant property, a business establishment, or basement spaces.

These are only some examples of home security gadgets that many modern homes have. Other examples include window glass break sensors, smoke and fire detectors, and doorbell spy cameras. And all these home security gadgets aim to increase a home’s protection against attack and damage.



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