Exploring The Major Cities Of New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its enchanting natural wonders. For most tourists, a visit will never be complete without seeing the famed mountains, geysers, beaches, and lakes. To truly appreciate New Zealand, one must also experience what their big cities have to offer. Although they might not be as big as the famous “big cities” like Tokyo and New York, there are still plenty to look forward to. Charter a mini bus and start exploring the major cities of NZ!


Let us get started with the country’s biggest city. Surprisingly, Auckland is at par with the world’s top cities when it comes to shopping and dining. There are Michelin-starred restaurants and bustling nightlife scene that never fail to impress both visitors and locals alike. With a waterfront location, Auckland offers amazing views and one can enjoy tourist activities in the city.


The pleasant city of Wellington is full of personality and charm. It is one of the best cities to see if only to visit the impressive Te Papa museum. It is impossible to see everything even on a full day at Te Papa. A visit to this iconic museum allows you to appreciate the whole country. From the tumultuous geology of New Zealand down to the fascinating Maori culture, you can indulge on all the things you will learn and see. What’s remarkable about Wellington is that despite their efforts to innovate, they also try to integrate conservation of nature. You can appreciate this once you see the green belt of parkland on the city’s landscape where they reintroduce rare birds and other mammals.


The third-largest city in the country, Christchurch is also known as the Garden City. The city has plenty of parks and gardens that are all well-maintained. Time your visit around autumn or spring and you will never forget how spectacular the colors can become. It is the biggest city on the South Island, so it is advisable to hire a bus if you want to explore all the delightful locations and activities in the city.


Hamilton is the main city of the Waikato region. It is a charming place to take a rest before heading further south of the country. It is where the annual hot air balloon festival is held and many people from around the world flock to get a glimpse of the wonderful aerial displays. It is also home to the renowned Hamilton Gardens and the Hamilton Zoo.


To complete this list, the Tauranga is worth a visit if you want to see the best cities in New Zealand. It is a popular holiday destination even among the locals. The iconic Mt Maunganui serves as the city’s backdrop, and it is just perfect when viewed from the sandy beaches. Since becoming a popular vacation spot, Tauranga expanded its number of restaurants to accommodate the influx of visitors. There are also plenty of adventurous things to do as the Wairoa River is just minutes away from downtown. Do visit the Waimarino Adventure Park, a premier water park that is great for both children and adults.


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