Connect your smart home through smart home tech

Change your home into a smart home with envisioned technology and set up your everyday routine apt. Homes are being made smart through the home automation solution that includes automated home lighting control, temperature control/ climate control, security control and many more.

Smart control of electric appliances

It is one of the smart home tech that is used to control the power supply of the electric appliances of your home remotely by using your mobile phone through Wi-Fi smart switch (via specially designed APP). It is easy to operate as all you need is to match the smart switch with your mobile phone through Wi-Fi. A single mobile phone can support several smart sockets simultaneously and once you configure the socket to Wi-Fi router you will be able to control your electric appliances anywhere through your mobile phone. Turn on or off your electric appliances anywhere from your mobile phone.

Smart AC Control

There is the smartphone APP to automatically control the AC temperature of your home. It is controlled by way of detecting how far away you are from home by using your phone’s location and sets the temperature of AC correctly. This smart AC control pre-cools automatically to your scheduled temperature in prior to you reaching your home and turns off the AC by the time you leave. You can turn your AC on or off and even change the settings of your APP anytime, anywhere. There is the option to set personalized schedules with different temperatures at different times of the day for suiting your needs.

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Be aware of who enters your home through the Wi-Fi security camera. You can watch your kids, pets and your elderly parents wirelessly through tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. It is very simple to use as all you need is to download the app to your mobile and view live video through your Android or iPhone remotely when you are away from home. The high quality camera aids you in viewing the targets clearly and provides full view of every corner of your home.

Virtual reality (VR) headset

Though the thrill and ecstasy of watching the winning goal of your football team is impossible from your living room, but you can get very, very close through the VR (virtual reality) headset. It is one of the ultimate smart home technologies recently emerged and with the VR headset you are certain to travel to another world. Attain the immersive virtual reality experience through the VR goggles that is powered via your smartphone. It is compatible with iOS devices and Android and serves great for sharing with your friends and family.

Smart Thermostat with Sensor

This smart device typically understands when to turn on or turn off your cooling or heating equipment depending on the weather outside or the energy profile of your home and based numerous other points that ensures you are comfortable all the time. This device will make your home smarter with its touchscreen display that is easy to use and comfortable along with notable energy savings.

Starting from thermostats to lightbulbs, normal things have been given serious upgrades with the internet technology. It is certain that extensive adoption of smart technology will substantially lead to energy savings.


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