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The foundation of sound health and weight loss is eating good food. On the other way, there is some Food For Weight Loss that is detrimental to your health and weight. Identifying the difference between these two types of food might be a bit difficult for you. This is why we have brought you the under-listed food that scientists have proofing to support the loss of weight and good health.


People are scared to take eggs because of the risk of taking in high cholesterol and a heart attack but scientists were able to debunk this belief with a lot of experiments. This food contains a high level of protein and healthy fats with a low quantity of calories. They have also recommended it to people who want to lose weight on time and with ease.


This class of food has some properties that make them perfect for weight loss. One unique fact about this food is that it has calcium that helps to burn body fat away from the body. Not that alone. A study shows that it is possible to have low calories by taking in food that has low carbohydrate content but is richly loaded with fibre-like collards, kale, Swiss chard, spinach and a few others.


Though not all grains are good for you, especially the refined type. The scientist was able to show some grains that are very good for weight loss. Some non-gluten grains are loaded with fibre and they also contain a moderate amount of protein. Oats have beta-glucans, a soluble fibre that can improve your health. Rice, either the brown or the white type is packed with a moderate among of starch.


Do you know this pepper can be a source of weight loss, how? It has a substance called capsaicin that has been shown to reduce appetite and increase the rate at which fat is burnt.


Most experts agreed that fruit is healthy and is very effective in losing weight because they conduct a test and observe that most people who feed on fruit are tends to be healthier but some people like those on low-carb or those whose bodies are very sensitive to fructose. Even with the high sugar content found in them, they still have low energy density and the fibre prevent the sugar from entering the bloodstream immediately.


The fatty acid found in coconut (medium-chain triglyceride) has been found to boost satiety and increase the number of calories burned. Also, coconut oil reduces belly fat and the olive oil is gotten from coconut is the healthiest fat so far.


The grape has effective weight control. Eating half of a fresh grape before a meal for a week can reduce up to 4 pounds of calories. This fruit has a high resistance to insulin levels that can prevent a metabolic disorder.

There is much more food that can prevent the loss of weight but these are the ones scientists approved and backed up with enough experiments.


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