7 Smart Ideas for Decorating a Home Garden

More and more people are looking for natural and effective ways to create beauty in their homes. Designing a front garden house is one way to realize a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere at home. In addition, the beautiful garden can be a pleasant sight to welcome guests or your visiting neighbours.

If your house has a fence and the distance to the house is enough to create a garden, place some flower pots to make it look more beautiful. Having a garden will make your home look more dynamic and colourful. Located in front of the house can also make your neighbours who pass in front of your house to be happy when you see it. So what are you waiting to see the following little garden ideas? Then apply them to your home!

1. Customize with your Home Style

To build a well-planned garden where plants grow and look harmonious with each other, it is important to follow the following steps. Determining the purpose of making the garden is usually a step before choosing and buying plants.

Customizing the style of the house and the plants that will decorate the garden is essential for creating a harmonious and sweet visual for your home. Flowers with warm colours are very suitable combined with a bright green colour that is suitable for the tropical house style. While the flowers in pink or purple will match the dark green plants, creating a harmonious contrast to the modern minimalist style house as seen in one of the architect design Monica Khanna.

2. Choose Plants that are Suitable for Planting

With the idea of ​​creating a garden in front of the house, it is very important to adjust the type of plant to the climate and once again your home style. The garden was created to bring the beauty of harmonious nan to home, is not it? Therefore, the cultivation of plants and the climate of the house should be considered for the house and garden to look together and look more beautiful. To support the vision of the park, you can add proper lighting to the park. And make sure your plant pot is installed properly and arranged according to your wishes.

3. Vertical and Horizontal Parks

Vertical and horizontal parks have different approaches. The vertical garden is usually for occupancy that has little land or even no land to grow crops. But if your house allows combining both why not? Of course, your front garden will look more beautiful with a blend of some colourful flower plants.

In the vertical garden, you can arrange by placing wooden planks to put flower pots. Attaching a zigzag wall pot can also be tried. For the harmony of flower colour in the vertical garden and horizontal garden, you can be creative according to the will because this is your home garden, is not it? Do not forget to choose a large flower pot for a horizontal garden, these tips are from us. Try!

4. Create a Park on Narrow Lands

If you do not have enough space to create a garden, this idea will be useful to you. Enter the park with a piece of land only on the design of the fence of your house or facade of the house. This park will be a unity of the design, is not it? As you can see, the little garden is the perfect centre for the home page!

5. Planting Some Types of Flowers Simultaneously

A colourful garden is always fun for the eyes, but for beginners in this practice, it is advisable to use at most two or three colours only. You also have to pay attention to how the environment around the park. Lighting and colour in the surroundings of the garden will determine the colours of the plants in the garden.

Visual effects created by a garden greatly affect the mood that will get. Warm colours will give the impression of comfort. While the cool colours will give effect to the park that looks more spacious. This is very necessary for you who want to create a garden but only have a little land.

6. Arrangements that fit a conventional garden

Gardens or conventional gardens usually follow geometric and symmetrical patterns. Plants are arranged appropriately as well as the structure and space for walking are arranged so that it looks like a city park in a smaller size. Plants also use the dominance of green colour to give an effect like an artificial forest. The idea of ​​this park needs a little more space than the previous ideas. If the distance between the fence of your house towards the main door of the house allows for making this artificial forest, it never hurts to try, is not it?

7. Floor Terraces Conjured Into Flower Pots

Plants growing in pots can help you create a garden everywhere. The terrace is filled with pots of flowers enough to make your terrace look like a garden. But are you sure the number of pots does not interfere with your activity?

Flowerpot can be made from any material such as plastic, ceramic, cement, concrete or wood. The weight of a pot will also be your consideration to create a garden, the number and size of the pot are also important factors to create a garden. The solution that comes up for the problem is the flower arrangement on a pot made out of a basin on your porch. You do not have to bother setting up large, large pots just for a garden you can finish by making it part of your patio. Solutive!


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