6 Essential Healthy Vitamins

Vitamins play an eminent role in keeping us healthy and strong enough to fight various diseases. Vitamins must be a part of everyone’s diet to promote overall health. Here is a list of healthy vitamins that are needed by one and all.

B vitamins

Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folate are together known as B vitamins. The higher the percentage of B vitamins in your blood, the lower the homocysteine level. Homocysteine poses a great risk to heart health and is a major cause of stroke, heart attack and related heart diseases. Homocysteine damages the lining of arteries and hence causes heart-related disorders. One should include at least 400mg of folate, up to 2mg of vitamin B6 and up to 3mcg of vitamin B12 in his/her diet.

Vitamin B12 provides essential energy to the body and vitamin B6 facilitates the proper functioning of the body parts. Vitamin B12 also maintains a healthy nervous system. Folate is additionally essential for pregnant women as it helps in the development of neural tubes. Folate also prevents spina bifida and other such birth defects. One should, however, take folate in a controlled amount as high doses may cause colon cancer.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D prevents bone fracture and gives the much-needed strength that the bones need. It also helps the body properly absorb calcium which also provides strength to the bones. In fact, vitamin D activates phosphorus and calcium in the bloodstream and hence aids in keeping the bones healthy and strong. In absence of a sufficient amount of vitamin D, the body depends on bones for the supply of phosphorus and calcium.

This leads to thinning of bones causing osteoporosis. The recommended daily dose of vitamin D is 600IU. The easiest and cheapest source of vitamin D is sunlight. Try to be exposed to the sun at least for 15 minutes every day. Some food sources of vitamin D are milk and dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese.

Vitamin A

One of the major antioxidant vitamins is vitamin A which neutralizes free radicals that pose a threat to cancer. Besides, vitamin A promotes healthy vision as well as glowing skin. Vitamin A is found in most fresh vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, broccoli, melons, sweet potatoes, etc.

Some other good sources of vitamin A are cantaloupe, carrots, apricots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, milk, eggs, etc.

Vitamin C

Another antioxidant vitamin, vitamin C boosts immunity. Vitamin C prevents the body from all sorts of sickness and repairs the cells. Vitamin C prevents diseases such as scurvy. It also prevents premature ageing. Some good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries and grapefruit. In addition, brussels sprouts, peppers and capsicum are also good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin E

It is also an important antioxidant vitamin that people must include in their diet. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents them from damaging cells in the body.

Some good sources of vitamin E are nuts, fortified cereals, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables and blueberries.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K promotes strong bones in elderly people. Old people also face the problem of blood clotting, which vitamin K corrects. Some of the good sources of vitamin K are alfalfa, fish oil, spinach, soybean oil, broccoli, etc.



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