5 Positive Impacts of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Technology continues to grow, which means that multiple areas throughout the world continue to grow with it. One of these fields of growth is the healthcare field. With so many advancements, it is no wonder that many changes have been made. These changes are to ensure that patients receive the high quality of care they’d expect from these healthcare settings, but also so that the healthcare settings can run more efficiently and effectively overall.

Here are five of the impacts that technology has brought to the healthcare field and why they make a difference in the way that things are done. You may be surprised to know that many of these technological advancements were not always around, which means that everything was done by hand.

Electronic Health Records

In the past, everything was done with paper and pen. Now, there are electronic health records that all healthcare settings use. Some of them still use paper to complete transactions while others have gone completely to the electronic side of things.

Electronic health records provide a way to keep all of the files and information in one area that is easy to reach. Not only that, but you can ensure that your records are kept in a confidential place for the office and not lost. The records can be taken much more quickly and efficiently than ever before because of this.

Many people also have access to their own medical records since everything is placed on a database with a password that those patients can use to access this information. This makes it easier for the patient to bring their charts to another doctor, to check when their last appointment was or anything else. It keeps everything in one place for everyone taking care of the patient can access it.


Imagine being sick and not wanting to go into the office for a visit. Now, you don’t have to. With the use of Telemedicine or Telehealth, many physicians do not have to see the patient in person to give them a check-up and diagnose them with things that might be happening. This can not only free up time within the office, but it might also save some time and energy within emergency rooms. This, of course, can only be used by those that are not in a life-threatening emergency situation, but they are useful if your child is running a fever if you have symptoms of a sickness or if there is a rash or other less complicated problem.

These do charge the patient, but they are much more cost-effective than having a trip to the emergency room, which would end up costing more money and might not be worth the time to go there. Due to this, Telemedicine is now bringing the doctors to you, in your home, through the use of the internet and a program that connects you together.

Remote Monitoring Tools

When once the doctor would have to find out how he was doing through papers and charts. This is no longer the case. Not only can these doctors stay connected through the internet, but they can measure and monitor their practice, income and patient retention through apps, as well.

Conferences when doctors are in other parts of the world easily keep connected through online conferencing apps such as UberConference. UberConference is a good option for this connectivity. While online websites and apps provide the latest trends for the doctor when they input their office information. This keeps them up to date on everything that is happening and if they need to focus their efforts on other parts of the practice.

Better Treatment Means Less Suffering

When before the doctor would have to guess or do trial and error to find the source of the problem, now they have the technology and devices that can pinpoint the issue and then give the doctor more information about it. This ensures that the person is able to get quicker, better treatment than they would normally get or have to wait to get. With this advancement in technology, those that are suffering from anything can obtain care quickly.

These treatment devices include any imaging devices such as x-rays, CAT scans or MRIs. All of these tools help assist the doctor, as well as those other imaging devices that look in other areas of the body. This is making doctors more efficient and effective at the jobs they are doing and increasing patient satisfaction rates. It also means that fewer pain medications are also being handed out, which benefits everyone in the long run.

Bionics is Becoming a Thing

If you lose an arm or a leg, you can be sure to get the new attachment that you need to keep living life, even without the use of these pieces. When this happens, the person considers the alternatives out there such as those prosthetic legs or arms. However, with technology advancing, they have bionic pieces of the body that can be attached and then used like parts of the body. This creates a whole new way to live life, even if you have lost your limbs in an accident. You can have new robot limbs put on that react and interact with the signals from your brain.

Knowing the advancements throughout many of the fields out there, you will be surprised to know that technology has changed the world as we know it. It continues to grow and change specific areas, but always for the better. This ensures that the world we live in is going to be able to keep up with the advancements, making us more efficient, smarter and stronger in all that we do. Due to this, it is definitely something that so many want to do when it comes to advancing their lives within any field.

The healthcare field is just one of the biggest fields to see the most improvement because of the use of technology. Many other fields also use technology and have greatly benefited from it. As time moves forward, technology will continue to grow with it.


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