5 Outdoor Activities for Your Pets

We all love our pets, but staying inside or just taking them into the backyard doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes we want to go do something fun! So, listed below are five great ideas of things you can do with your furbabies (cats or dogs).

1. Walks (in new locations)

Don’t just take the same route around your neighbourhood. Take your cat or dog to a new location for a nice, relaxing walk. Of course, make sure you train your cat early (as a kitten) if you want him or her to get used to going for walks. Otherwise, it won’t be relaxing for either of you – it will be a battle and probably more akin to you pulling your cat across the ground or prying them out from under your car or seat.  Look for new parks, cities, or beaches, even if they are 1-2 hours away. Some pets love the drive and being able to explore new locations together can make it all worth it! If you do take your cat for a walk, please make a recording and send it to us. We’d love to post it on our site! Just remember not to hurt any animals, intentionally or not.

2. Camping Trip

Take your pet camping! Make sure you ease your pet into this, however, because unless he or she is used to the outdoors, it could be a traumatic experience. But there are a ton of fun things you and your pet can do while camping. You can explore the area, go hiking, maybe go swimming, go out on a boat, roast some delicious foods, play fetch, or just sniff out all the fascinating smells (hopefully only your pet will do this, although if you feel like sniffing around the campsite, go ahead, we won’t stop you!).

3. Have a Photo Shoot

Most animals love to have their photos taken and the best lighting is outside. Head to a park, garden, beach, or wherever has great scenery. Figure out the best time of day to go and take your pet friend with you. Get lots of photos! You may even have a surprise shot – you never know what an animal will do. You might want to bring a recording device as well, in case your pet gets silly. You can even share your adorable photos on Facebook and any videos you may shoot on YouTube. Maybe your pet will get Instagram famous!

4. Go to the Beach

If you live near a beach, make sure you take your pet! Again, this is something best started early in their lives as a beach (especially the waves) may scare them. However, it can still be a fun experience! I’ve seen videos of dogs and cats at the beach, so no discrimination here. Not all cats hate water. Just introduce the beach to them slowly and always be aware of their comfort level. If your pet does love the beach you can play in the water, build sand castles (and watch your pet destroy them), go for a walk, collect seashells, and even chase a seagull or two.

5. Play in the Snow

It’s winter and that means (sometimes) snow! If you live in an area where it snows in the winter, don’t be afraid to take your pet outside with you to check out this white and wet phenomenon. It may freak them out at first, but if you are persistent they may learn to like or even love it. Just be sure you keep an eye on their temperature. If you think they are getting too cold, bring them back inside. You guys can play in the snow, build snowmen, make snow angels, and even have a (very gentle) snowball fight.

I hope this has given you some great ideas for you to do with your pet in the beautiful great outdoors. Go have fun with your furbabies!


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