10 Fantastic DIY Garden Projects for Garden Decoration

Most of us want to make our gardens outstanding with some easy to make projects in low cost but don’t know how and where to start this. So we are offering you with 10 amazing and easy to do garden ideas. All these ideas are going to help you to make your own garden projects, you can choose anyone suitable for your garden to have fun.

1. Tree Bench

If you don’t have benches in your garden and want to create one without covering much space so here is a DIY idea for your own tree bench. For the project you just need some fine wooden pieces and tools with woodworking skills. This will look amazing and long-lasting. Do it yourself and then you will love the way it works.

2. Log Planter DIY

Many times you may notice that your plant container is not a fit match for your garden’s look. At that movement the natural container for plants is more than beautiful. You can use any old piece of wood as log container, and it will look fancy and natural.

3. Succulent Fountain

Your garden have a fountain but not in working condition so why don’t you try succulent fountain. The fountains bowl can be reused as container for succulent you can choose one for each part or you can mix some different colored succulent in single fountain. This fountain looks amazing and eye catching with new bloomed succulents instead of water. You can give a try to this DIY as it is not only easy but you can also get new ideas for your gardening.

4. Fencing around Air Conditioner

This is not totally true that the first impression is the last impression but still it is important for someone to make the first impression of your home really comfortable for visitors so you may don’t want the blunt appearance of AC so fencing with wood around your Air conditioner is not a bad idea. It’s at a time beautiful and inexpensive idea to hide Ugly not essential part of your home.

5. Dress your Fence

You can choose from hundreds of ideas for your garden decoration even you can add some colors in fence of your garden. You can make DIY plant logs with the fences as part of it for herbs and flowering plants. Hanging planters also can be used to plant seeds and then wait for their sprout. Still possibilities of dressing up the fence are endless.

6. Flower Bed DIY

When you want to be creative with your garden but have small place left for new bloom, here is DIY vertical garden for those who love new growth. You just need some creativity with woods and should have knowledge of gardening then this is not a difficult task to do. A wooden vertical flower container with small size of colorful beauties can add more detail in your garden.

7. Garden Path DIY

A garden path is an essential part of garden, without a path you have to walk through the garden on grass which will harm your garden. You also need this path for rainy days so ready to DIY a simple but twisting path which will add value to your home. You can choose bricks of your choice with any color but gray will look more decent and you can only place bricks and can add grit in your design. It’s up to you how you want to design this.

8. Marbled Terra Cotta Planters DIY

There are two ways to make your planters more beautiful, you can choose cheap terra cota pots and can use nail polish or leftover paint to add some style in your garden. Mix paint or nail polish into water and dip tera Cota pot into it or you can use brush if your painting and creativity is stunning. Then plant your favourite flower when pot dried and put them in the most visible place of your garden

9. Landscaping Lights for Sidewalks DIY

You can add some glam in your garden with side path solar battery lights which is low in cost and also necessary for night. You can choose different colors and can choose where you want to place them with safer distance. Attach all lights of one place with single cable and pass them through a small pipe which you can place them under soil for protection and it will not look awkward.

10. Cedar Planter Box DIY

You can utilize your creativity by simply making multiple wooden boxes and then attach them with wooden rack. It will look elegant and beautiful and also you can grow small edible herbs in this planter by making it part of your kitchen. Wood color will no doubt look natural and unique but you can add colors of your choice if you only want to use this for Cedar not for edible herbs.


These 10 DIY ideas for garden decoration may help you to become more creative and explore more creative ideas. You can use any idea if you think you want to make your garden more attractive. Hopefully these tips will be beneficial for all gardening lovers.


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